MVP receives final funding approval from the Campus Technology Council

Late last week, I received the final approval and transfer of IT Bank (Campus Technology Council) funding for the MVP, which is tremendous news. Without your support and efforts, we would certainly not have a funded program.

Right now, our team is still working with many of you on your collections, and preparing to scale our short-term platform to add more collections and content.

Our revised proposal reset objectives for this year, based on the reduction of IT Bank funding to $420,000 to 4 major themes of activity:

A. Establish the MV Program. Staff the program with core team members, steering and advisory appointments. Develop campus MV community with a supporting communications strategy. Develop multi-year, sustainable funding models for the program and related services.
B. Define and confirm functional and technical criteria for a longer term MV platform. Evaluate alternatives and select the MV platform. Evaluate partnering and sourcing alternatives. Implement pilot platform and determine service model to extend this in the next year to a wider audience.
C. Support the efforts and collections of existing MV POC customers. Increase adoption of the MV platforms to new collections and content. Migrate collections/content from legacy platforms to new MV Platforms as available.
D. Projects completed with Educational Technologies Solutions (ETS), the Library Systems team and others. Examples include
· MV integration with bSpace, driving further adoption of MV platforms
· MV integration with CollectionSpace, a new open-source project aiming to create a software application for the management of primarily physical collections (e.g. Museums)
· Full-lifecycle projects with Library systems, from digitization to repository storage and publication for sample collections. These will leverage prescribed workflows and cross-walks between platforms of MV and Library systems.

Additional projects will be proposed, scoped and assessed for implementation effort, and will then be submitted with recommendations to the MV Steering body, who will confirm priorities and ratify the allocation of program resources to the projects. These projects could include anything from the addition of new collections to the Media Vault (which then require ongoing support), to projects that explore new technologies, workflows and partnerships. The project lists and related decisions will be made available to the campus community to help make the process transparent.

What we are not intending to do, purely based on the new level of resources we can apply to the program, is the wide release of MV recharge services across the campus. Instead we’re planning to select a smaller number of high impact, high profile partners and collections which further illustrate potential MVP successes and to define a more scalable platform and services. These together, we believe, will provide a more achievable basis for longer term funding for the MVP.

– Patrick McGrath


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