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During the Spring 2010 semester, we will be piloting a new campus service for storing, managing, and sharing digital research data.

Introducing the Media Hub:
A New Service Planned for Fall 2010 Semester
The Media Hub provides an easy way for campus scholars to safely organize, manage and share their research media.

Safe Storage:  Your digital research media (images, video, office documents, data sets) are safely stored in the UC Data Center and backed up offsite.

Access Anywhere:  Your media is stored in the cloud, so you can access your media from anywhere – web, laptop, home desktop, phone.

Simple Sharing:  Share your media with select colleagues, students and groups, and make your content available to the world with just a few clicks.  You control how your media can be viewed, managed, edited and downloaded.

Network Desktop:  Easily manage all of your rich media in one place on the web. Changes made on your desktop or in the web client are always in sync.

Easy Search:  Search across documents, comments, tags, and descriptive metadata.  View thumbnail images and entire documents online.

Manage Your Media: Easily manage all of your rich media in one place on the web. Changes made in the web client or on your desktop are always in sync, instantly.

Painless Archive:  Archive your media in the Berkeley and California Digital Library preservation repositories. You can cite your data with confidence using persistent urls and links.

Your Site Here:  Create rich media sites that include a document library, wiki, blog, full text search, shared keywords and complete user control, with minimal setup.

How to Participate:  Interested in seeing a demo or testing out the platform? We want to hear from you!  Visit our site or contact us:

More Information:

Download Media Hub Brochure (PDF)

Media Hub Platform (password required)


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